The SHIFT family is a wonderful group to be part of.

SHIFT Clients


We first started working with a SHIFT consultant on a risk project, which then expanded to take in other areas of their consultant’s expertise.  When the work SHIFT’s consultant was doing expanded further, Kate and the team helped us find a permanent solution.  We have always found Kate and the rest of the SHIFT team and their consultant fantastic to work with and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Craig Peirce, Chief Finance and Operating Officer, Property for Industry 


We had an urgent need for extra resource to cover a significant increase in work.  Given the specialist focus of our firm we were pleasantly surprised to find, at SHIFT, a number of experienced lawyers available with the skills we were looking for.  The lawyer was great and the experience working with SHIFT to get the lawyer on board and part of the team was seamless.  It was nice to work with the professional pragmatic and efficient team at SHIFT. 

Simon Martin, Partner, HudsonGavinMartin


I’ve been thoroughly impressed with each interaction I have had with SHIFT.  SHIFT don’t simply send you whoever they have available but work hard to find the right match between client and advisor.  I’ve also found their insight into the market valuable … they understand the needs of organisations in the financial services industry.  My feeling is that Kate and Prue are genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of their team, offering CPD training and wellbeing sessions. It is great that they also extend the offer of such sessions to those firms and organisations that they work with. 

Laura Valiant, former General Counsel, Company Secretary & Head of Risk and Compliance, Flexigroup Limited


At all times, both Prue and Kate and the SHIFT lawyers and consultants we’ve engaged have been very professional and more importantly to us very experienced in their relevant fields, commercial and pragmatic.   

Edward Russell, Managing Director, Heritage Trustee Company Limited


We were incredibly pleased with the SHIFT lawyers we’ve engaged.  Not only were they able to hit the ground running and provide high quality commercial advice to our internal stakeholders but they also fit seamlessly into our team.  Kate is fantastic to work with.  She makes the process very easy, is able to quickly understand the businesses needs and provide a number of consultants each of very high calibre with the relevant skills and experience. 

Ruth Sullman, Manager Legal Services, Fisher & Paykel Appliances Limited


SHIFT Alumni


If you are reading this testimonial then stop.  Stop right now.  No further reading required.  You are in exactly the right place and dealing with exactly the right people…unless you have made a serious error in what you think SHIFT Advisory does.  Save your precious time and listen to a podcast on serial murderers, catch up on Brexit or write something hilarious on your social netball chat.  There a million better things you could be doing than scrolling through these identical complimentary testimonials deciding whether SHIFT is right for you.  Spoiler alert…they all say the same thing.  This is because no one asks for a testimonial unless they are 110% it’s going to be good.  It could also be because Kate and Prue are excellent at what they do.  They sit down and take the time to get to know you.  They find out what you are looking for.  Then they find the job you want.  Then they help you get that job.  Then they make sure you are happy in that job (you will be).  Then they provide all sorts of friendly and professional support and useful CPD opportunities.  Then they make you write a creative testimonial and you hate writing testimonials.  But you will do it because you think they are both great and SHIFT is great and everyone should know about it. 

You just read that didn’t you.  Unbelievable.    

Olivia Meo-Groser, General Counsel & Head of Risk and Compliance, FlexiGroup (New Zealand) Limited and Reluctant Testimonial Writer 


Working with SHIFT has been a great experience - Prue and Kate engaged with me on how to find the best opportunity for my diverse experience and skills (law firm/in house/own practice) and my assignment with them was a great fit. Both of them are well-connected and really want to match lawyers and clients that work well together. I found the opportunity for interesting work combined with flexibility and independence really suited my approach, and they are leading the way in new ways of working for the future.

Tanya Thomson, Principal at Tanya Thompson Law 


Kate and Prue and SHIFT are the best! They made my return to work following a break after having children so easy. I moved back from the UK pregnant with twins and after a year of being a stay at home mum they found me a great part time position in a really supportive team. Prue really knew the team she was placing me in and was able to assure me that it would be a supportive place to work with great people. My contract was extended several times and I have ended up staying on in that role. Prue supported me throughout my time contracting and was really supportive of me staying on in my role. I would highly recommend working with SHIFT.

Jess Walmsley, Corporate Counsel, ANZ


SHIFT completely embraced my diverse background, of legal practice both here in NZ and in France, ICT sales, commercial management and sourcing, and I have thrived on the interesting assignments they have found for me. 

Lisa Holt, General Counsel, Orion Health Limited


I found working with SHIFT to be a great experience - so very different from the formality of other firms but with the professional expertise and knowledge to match people to great secondments.  Kate and Prue are so well connected within the legal market that the opportunities that are available are huge.  Plus they offer great support during the secondment periods and make you feel sure that you can approach the secondment roles with confidence. 

Kylie Anne Ellis Findlay, Legal Counsel, Oyster Property Group


I have thoroughly enjoyed working with SHIFT.  The team are incredibly supportive, offering guidance, networking opportunities and continuing professional development seminars.  As a mother of two young children, the flexibility offered by working with SHIFT was fantastic and afforded me the opportunity to continue to pursue my career.  The SHIFT family is a wonderful group to be a part of. 

Katharine Toomey, General Counsel, Enviro NZ


I have really enjoyed working with SHIFT - with Prue and Kate. They really get it and they are really tapping into a workforce that has so much to offer especially if they can work flexibly taking advantage of technology available to us all.  Prue and Kate are very proactive, super approachable and very good at assessing the right fit. They are also very well respected in the legal industry so have great contacts.  

Victoria Cullinane, Consultant


What is brilliant about my association with SHIFT is their networked environment, connections with people in similar situations and links into companies that are keen to explore new ways of working. Their ability to link you to a role that matches your expertise is key to their success and I really think they are ahead of the curve re making it work for working mothers.  

Rowena Wilkinson, Senior Risk and Compliance Leader, FlexiGroup Limited


I have had the pleasure working with SHIFT both as a contractor and now as a client. The team have always provided excellent service and open, honest and timely feedback. They have provided me the opportunity to develop my personal skill set in a variety of organisations. The team at SHIFT have a model which allows candidates to make the right career choices with ease and great professionalism. 

Drew Kennedy, BNZ


Kate & Prue work hard to ensure each of their consultants feel valued and take time out of their day to get to know you as a person.   They talk through secondment opportunities and focus on ensuring it’s the right one for you and the events and training SHIFT organise give you the opportunity to get to know others within the SHIFT community and provides great professional support. I would highly recommend working with SHIFT. 

Sarah Inglis, Senior Risk & Compliance Manager, Private Banking, Wealth & Insurance, ASB


I really appreciate everything that Kate and Prue (at SHIFT) did for me.  They gave me the confidence to go after the jobs I really wanted and were there to back me up the whole way.  They were both hugely accessible, entirely relatable and I really felt that they were supporting me through the entirety of my contract.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with SHIFT; it’s so exciting to be a part of changing the way we’re working and creating a new path within the law.  

Claire Kristiffor, Legal Counsel, Todd Property