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We're not like other law firms

We offer a new way to access top quality legal and corporate services, delivering results, transparent value and exceptional client experience.

For our community of senior lawyers and consultants, we offer a new way to work.

Our Story

Internationally, we’ve seen an exponential demand for new ways to access legal and corporate services.  A rapidly growing number of NewLaw providers are finding innovative ways to transform the experience for both client and advisor. 

Inspired by their success, and with the intention of bringing similar innovation to the New Zealand market, we created SHIFT. 

 In a changing world where flexibility and autonomy are increasingly important, and where in-house teams and corporates are often required to do more with less, SHIFT fills a gap in the legal market, accommodating the changing needs of both clients and advisors.

Recent Media

New Law: a flexible alternative to the traditional business model

Prue Tyler and Kate Watt are the leading ladies in a new era of legal practice. The pair are the directors and driving force behind Shift, the new kid on the block changing up the traditional law firm model. A foray into the unknown that Prue describes as ‘terrifying’.

A year in, the legal duo talk to Global Women about staying sane when the pressure’s on, the unexpected benefits of a female-led business, and juggling family and work life as entrepreneurs.

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Shift Advisory - a new model for a traditional industry

A recent study by Suncorp New Zealand shows that the traditional business model is being disrupted, with 32% saying they have changed their business model in the past five years, and 29% saying that they plan to in the near future.

Shift Advisory is one of the businesses that is looking outside of traditional models and finding a new way to do business.

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